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Our Mission

We are a collective voice to advocate for the health and prosperity of independent restaurants and bars with a culinary program in the Twin Cities through advocacy, shared knowledge, and collaborative communication.

We believe we must act in unison to identify solutions and motivate our government to address the most urgent priorities facing our businesses today.

Our work will create the evolution that our profession needs to be sustainable now and in the future.

We commit to upholding our value, uplifting our shared community, and supporting each other. We are here to protect the community we’ve created.

Who We Are

A group of creative, concerned, and passionate hospitality professionals, leaders, and advocates in the Twin Cities that will shape the future of the culinary profession during Covid-19, and beyond.


Visit this page regularly for the latest news about operating an independent restaurant and bar with a culinary program during Covid-19.

TCRC Employee Resource Guide

This resource guide is an evolving document that is a group effort from the members of the TCRC. Please bookmark this document and refer to it often. It is available in English and Spanish.


We want your voice to join ours as we look to the future of independent restaurant operations. Bars with a culinary program are also welcome to join. Please reach out to let us know how actively involved you’d like to be with our mission.

Contact Us


Members of the media are encouraged to reach out and learn more about our initiatives. Please contact Heather Barbod, [email protected].

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